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Emerging Buzzer - Hares Ear

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Hares Ear Emerging Buzzer


A deadly pattern wherever dark buzzers are hatching. Used on a floating line, the fly is cast out and then either wait for the trout to take the fly, or cover a rise with the fly.
 Makes an alternative to the CDC buzzer, it works just as effective and is far cheaper.


Tying Instructions

Take a small polystyrene booby ball and encase it tightly in some nylon tight material. Catch this in using the tying thread and cut off excess. Make a tidy thorax with the thread.

Catch in some fine mylar tinsel and proceed with mylar and tying thread down to the hook bend.

Carefully dub a small rope of hares ear all the way up the hook bend until you reach the thorax.

Make a tidy rib with the pearl mylar tinsel until the thorax is reached. Be careful not to pull the mylar too tight, otherwise it will turn blue. Secure the mylar and cut off excess.

For the remainder of the thorax dub in some more hares ear, not so tightly as before and cast the thread off at the hook eye.


Emerging Hares Ear Buzzer Fly Tying Materials List