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Natural Daddy - Detached Body - Crane Fly

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Daddy Detached Body (Natural)


Best fished in Autumn (August/September) using a floating line and either left static or twitched over the surface. Can be even deadlier when large waves are on the water and the fly being "ripped" through the waves. Takes are fast and furious. The daddy has at times been known to fish well in early June through to August. This version of the daddy has a deer hair body which aids the fly to float very high in the water.

Tying Instructions

Start by taking a bunch of natural deer hair and level the ends using a deer hair stacker. Take the level stack and secure to the hook 2/3 of the way down the shank. Now for the tricky part, Make a detached body from the deer hair by running the thread down to the end of the detached body, wrap the thread around the end four times and tie off (Do not cut the thread), run the thread back down the detached body and tie off again on the hook shank.

Take 8 legs that have been created by knotting pheasant tail fibres twice and secure these to the hook shank. (Do this with one leg at a time, make sure they are positioned at different angles. Make sure that an even body is kept, not using too much thread.

Take two Cree Hackle tips, Tie these horizontally on the hook shank towards the eye. Once secure, use a figure of eight whipping technique to secure them in an upright/angled position.

Take the thread back down the hook shank to the position where the legs were tied in. Catch in a red game hackle and wind towards the eye.

Cast off the thread at the eye and whip finish.

Varnish the head and also the thread where the end of the detached body was secured.