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Natural Zonker

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Natural Zonker


The Zonker can be used as a general purpose lure but is most effective when tied in grey or white and used in the fry season. The wing is highly mobile which makes this fly so effective when fry are around. It can be fished static on a long leader using a floating line or on an sinking line and retrieved at various rates of retrieve.


Tying Instructions

Take the tying thread down the hook shank to a point opposite the barb.

Catch in some small lengths of straight Pearl Glister dubbing which creates a type of tail - roughly 1.5” past the end of the hook.

Dub the Pearl Glister dubbing to the thread and start building a neat tapered body.

Once the body is almost complete, dub finely back down to a position opposite to the hook point.

Take a length of Grey Rabbit Strip and stroke the fur forward to create a clear view of the skin opposite the hook point position.

Secure the skin using a few wraps of thread and stroke the fur back over it.

Bend the rabbit skin back over the area just secured to give a clear view of the dubbed body.

Dub the Pearl Glister dubbing again to the thread and move up towards the eye.

Catch in some Grizzle cock hackle fibres to create a beard.

Pull the rabbit skin forward and secure the front of the black rabbit skin with thread and build a neat head.

Whip finish and varnish.